We are building India

We are building India

We are building India

We are Melangebox and are poised to shape the clothing industry of India building it up in a right and ethical manner. Though it doesn’t mean that we want to be the only player, we simply want India to switch to simple and minimal clothing. There are a number of ways in which our efforts are constituting towards building the nation in the right direction:

1. Sustainability can come with conventional fibers

When we talk of sustainability, we are often mistaken as we think only unconventional new fiber inventions can bring up sustainability but the case is truly adverse. There’s no denying the fact that new fiber inventions are bringing up ways to get rid of plastic and polyester but there are already multiple conventional fibers that we still haven’t switched upon completely considering the mass use of synthetic fibers across the clothing industry. Cotton is what we use across all our clothes and we can assure of it as one of the softest fabrics available at non-premium prices. Making a complete switch to cotton will not only be feasible but will also ensure we have abundant production considering the geographical condition of India and the Indian subcontinent. Cotton usage will give a major boost to farmers across the country and will surely lift up the livelihood of many regions while bringing a sustainable lifestyle.

2. Sustainability comes with minimalism

Minimal clothing means less consumption of resources while bringing a classy style language. Minimal clothing also ensures the minimal need for recycling or is easy to recycle and easy to make while keeping the prices in check. While being minimal in dressing style is a sheer choice, it saves a lot of waste which is ultimately going to destroy nature. We urge you to choose simple clothing every time you shop as your small steps can influence a number of people. Simple is the new cool, simple is the new green and we are entirely into simple clothing. All our clothes are solid without any bells and whistles and are meant for the long run without seeming to get old or out of trend. Simple is a forever trend and can be a game changer when it comes to building up the nation in terms of sustainability.

3. Affordability can bring sustainability

We believe sustainable clothing should be affordable, unlike the other big players who are pricing them. Knowing India is a low-income country, it is really important to price the products so that they are accessible to the masses without any differentiating factor. The more and more natural fiber-made clothing will be accessible to the masses, the less waste will be there. All efforts go on how less we can price our products so that people can get genuine quality and be proud to flaunt them without fear of being judged delivering a sense of equality.


In a country like India, pricing is the biggest factor to penetrate sustainability and we are constantly putting up efforts to bridge the gap between pricing and sustainability. We have recently announced our ‘ETHICAL REPUBLIC SALE’ where you can avail of our entire range at FLAT 20% OFF. We are selling our finest quality tees for as low as INR.207/- and it’s our ethical take on building India hoping for your support in our journey. We are poised to see our country in simple and minimal clothing which will make sure our country stays harmonious and green.

Experience our clothing to know more about us. Use code ‘PROUDINDIAN’ proudly at the time of checkout to avail FLAT 20% OFF. Hurry! Offer valid till 26th January.


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