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Affordability is the key to sustainability

Affordability is the key to sustainability

Affordability is the key to sustainability

Let's begin with a childhood memory:

I remember once in my childhood, I was at a shopping mall and was fascinated after seeing crocodile leather shoes which I aimed to give myself once I get into a strong financial condition. Neither did I know at that time it will be completely out of ethics to purchase something crafted entirely on the back of animal cruelty to pursue a feeling of richness.

Though it wasn't a matter of talk, it was only to build up where it was shaping earlier and what turned around in all those years. I now learned that sustainability doesn't come only at a hefty price tag. Had it been a vegan leather product, it would have been much less priced and ethical and I would have been purchasing it now with great ease and sheer peace of mind that no creature got hurt in the process of making it. Since it was really out of reach financially at that time, even now or in the future, I would never prefer to opt for one of them made with inhuman practices. There's a spirit, a motivation that hovered over me in recent times to constantly keep choosing sustainable products and it has developed in a small span of working at Melangebox. Very soon after seeing the efforts and commitment made here for sustainability, I came to realize that sustainability doesn't come at unimaginable, unbearable prices. It never means that all affordable products cannot be sustainable and all costly products are sustainable.

How it mattered?

Now swiftly moving to the point of discussion, I have observed that in the name of sustainability, an unjustified cost is being asked to pay to leave the budget-bounded customers underserved. Catering to a niche upper-class audience can bring in cash flow and vast revenue but leaving a large chunk of budget-oriented consumers will lead to them flowing towards cheap, unsustainable, and unethical products resulting in environmental damage.

Here's what I feel about working for a brand that is sustainable and that everyone working here can afford :


"Well, I'm Aditya and I'm glad you reached here. I'm working with Melangebox for quite some time now as the brand content lead and it gives me immense peace of mind to present to you what we really do through visuals and content and there are no fake promises and claims to it. It's a matter of pride that what I see and feel is what I present. I, myself have got 4 tees from Melangebox and I'm really glad that I can afford the products manufactured at my workplace. Contrary to it, it was really out of my reach to get something manufactured at the place I was previously working, the reason being the steep prices. I used to think very adversely that if I'm unable to experience what lies within the product, how would I convey it to the one buying it? It affects your mind to see inequality and workers manufacturing those costly products being paid a bare minimum salary. It ultimately goes to a point that the only purpose of those high-cost products is to fill a single pocket rather than fulfilling the needs of people working there or uplifting their livelihood. All these things observed previously make me feel really proud of working for Melangebox where I see a happy culture. Yes, we are taking each and every effort to keep you out of FOMO buzz being created to get sustainable items at higher prices."


We all working here are really happy to be here together for a good cause and hope you'll be joining hands as well. All our products have justified pricing and we're trying our best to provide you with the best quality at the lowest price possible. Affordable and sustainable fashion is the key to green earth as it can be adopted by everyone, every time, and anywhere.

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