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Bidding a final goodbye to plastic; yes we are sustainable.

Bidding a final goodbye to plastic; yes we are sustainable.

Bidding a final goodbye to plastic; yes we are sustainable.


Do you feel life should be easy-going ?

How often do we feel that we are getting choked up with unnecessary things in our life which should be non-existent? How often do we feel that life was much simpler than it is? It's very easy to find a solution to most of our problems but unfortunately and unwillingly, some are always hovering over our already burning heads.

It's the time to start caring about mother earth.

Now since you can relate to yourself, ever thought of someone whom we often refer to as our mother? The mother earth. It's dying even after multiple efforts and these days, the earth is vastly choked by the toxicity of plastic waste. It has an eco-system same as our body where if one thing goes wrong, it adversely affects the other. Being completely choked in plastic, the balance is getting obstructed and it has already started showing up the hidden colors with decreasing life expectancy and devastation of the marine life, though at a rather slow rate but fast enough to put up a huge concern.

World choked in plastic !

We often come to see really disheartening news of discovering some large fish stuck at the shore of the ocean with a rather unpredictable or unimaginable amount of plastic waste in its stomach. We often get to hear about animals suffering from having taken plastic inside. Disheartening to see, that it's not their fault but only ours and brands like us who are directly or indirectly responsible for such shameful incidents. We are the sole responsibility for creating those plastic waste for our packaging which was eventually damaging the environment for a very long time.

Our search for solution begins...

Being very well concerned and optimistic about discarding the use of these single-use plastic bags, we were constantly and eagerly looking for a solution to this for a very long. Since we wanted to keep our pricing affordable and within the reach of everyone, we were unable to manufacture a cloth bag that can be used as a replacement for plastic for product delivery keeping the products safe as they were not economically feasible.

Finally, we've made it.

After constantly trying to find a solution to this, we found a firm called Ecovia which was actively bringing up the best option for plastic packaging bags. We collaborated with Ecovia to come up with our own packaging bags made up of recycled PET bottles and ocean waste. We had got the point and were really excited to rush ahead recognizing it to be the best replacement as it was reusable and was really effective in keeping your beloved products safe. Presenting our newly found love, the reusable eco-friendly packaging bag from Ecovia.


Making it more greener.

These bags are now reaching out to our customers and bringing a truly eco-friendly and sustainable experience to our creators. These bags are reusable and returnable to give wings to our efforts for sustainability. All you need to do to contribute to cleaner earth is scan the QR code at the back of the bag which will take you to a link where you have to click on the return my bag portal. It will directly take you to WhatsApp with a pre-typed message which you need to send and that's all you're required to do to schedule a pickup for your bag.

We are constantly keeping up our promise of sustainability and are really hopeful for your contribution as well. Let us together make a greener earth.

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