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Our mind and body are our friends or enemy?

Our mind and body are our friends or enemy?

In recent times, I have changed my thinking approach towards life and it is actually helping me in living life more joyfully.

See, our generation has been blessed with the most luxurious and comfortable life of all times, and still, we are the most stressed generation ever. COVID-19 pandemic is going on and most of us are living in fear every day about what next. Some of us have actually stopped living, we are just passing time. 

According to the World Health Organisation reports, each year India contributes to around 2.2 lakh of suicides. India is dubbed the capital of suicides in Southeast Asia. Teen suicides are on a rise each year and it is a real problem in our society. Depression is one of the leading causes of death by suicide. On average, every 40 seconds one individual dies by suicide somewhere around the world.

If sources to be believed, another pandemic will happen soon where most of us will go through anxiety and stress that will lead to a lot of suicides?

Stress, anxiety, and depression, all these chronic illnesses are self-developed by our own body and mind. Are not our own body and mind are enemies? Obviously not, it is just that we have stopped caring for and communicating with them. It is like your childhood friend who is there existing but not helping you in any manner as you have lost all contact with him/her.

Do not we all agree that we really need to fix our own bodies and mind before we try to fix something else? 

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There is no specific definition of stress but as far as I have my understanding of it when your body or mind works more than their existing capabilities we feel stress. It begins with Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis, a series of interaction between endocrine glands in the brain and on the kidney. Which controls your body's reaction to the stress. When your brain detects a stressful situation, your HPA axis instantly activated and releases a hormone called cortisol, which primes your body for instant action. But high levels of cortisol over long period of time wreak havoc to your brain. Which results the increase in number of neural in amygdala, the fear center of your brain. Further increase of cortisol leads to deteriorate the electric signals in your hippocampus, the part of the brain which helps you in learning, memories and stress control. That is not all, cortisol can literally cause your brain to shrink in size. Shrinking of prefrontal cortex (Conscious mind as per modern science), the part of the brain which regulates behaviors like concentration, decision making, judgement, social interaction and mostly all logical decisions.

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How many of us think and feel stressed that I don’t have my own house? This subconscious thinking leads us to take so many compulsive decisions that in reality are not even required to take. What’s the solution?

I simply changed my approach and now when any thought like this comes into my mind then instead of reacting, I consciously ask myself that why should I have a house? To be honest, I didn’t find a good reason and end up saving a lot of saved money and debt. I do agree that we all do not think the same way. If you really find a good reason by thinking about it consciously then you should really explore all possible ways to have it rather than going with what people are doing around you. For example, I really do not find any reason not to make and live in a Mudhouse? 🏡 There are so many other simple and affordable ways how you can make your own home rather than buying a house.

There is another thought which troubles a lot to each and every parent. How will we manage to give our child a better education? I might help you in saving a lot of money here, please ask yourself these questions:

- What is education?

- What does better education mean to you?

- Is our education system capable of providing that education to your child?

- Are you capable of providing that better education by yourself? If Yes, stop here and feel happy as you have just saved ~INR.1,60,00,000. Feeling rich? Go have a party.

- If No, find ways to learn and provide that instead of going with the trend. 

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Regular practice of meditation, exercise and yoga is the solution. It is scientifically proven that just doing meditation for 8 hours can help you in getting the prefrontal cortex back in same size. I will try to publish a detailed guide and benefits of mediation and yoga in the next article.

For now, just for one day observe what you do throughout the day consciously.

How you wake up, what is the very first thing you do in the morning, what makes you feel hungry, what you eat, how you eat, what you feel after eating it, what makes you angry, what makes you happy, etc. Observe and be aware of every feeling. Conscious observation for each and every feeling will help you in making a conscious decision that is right for your body and mind.❤️

I am leaving you with this question, that is, are you the best version of yourself?

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